Mobile Movie Makers-Youth Film Competition & Festival (annual competition)

Briana’s Neighborhood Dare to Dream Foundation will launch its inaugural Mobile Movie Makers (M3) Youth Film Competition on, Thursday, September 7th. M3 is dedicated to nurturing budding young filmmakers and sharing the transformative power of their work, which will be created on their mobile devices. Founded by Sahar Simmons, M3 is committed to entertaining, educating and inspiring youth from diverse backgrounds. M3 supports future generations of writers, directors, producers, actors and behind the scenes talent to use their mobile devices to create personal stories that will positively influence their peers and community.

Dare to Dream on the Golf Event-August

1st annual event at Pirates Cove Miniature Golf Facilities
• In celebration of the Dare to Dream foundation’s first year, we will introduce the organization to children in the community with a fun filled day on the miniature golf course.
• Dare to Dream will award 100 Atlanta area girls ranging from ages of 5-12 with a day full of miniature golf, games, music, food and a brief discussion about dreaming big.

Pen to Paper Program-October (annual program)

The “Pen to Paper” writing program assists in developing the creative thought process and bringing expression through writing.
• Program geared towards young girls between the ages of 8-12 years old wanting to enhance their thought process.
• The “Pen to Paper” program will allow girls to form bonds with their peers both personally and professionally.
• This support will enable them to continue to grow and develop their newly acquired skills.