Dare to Dream on the Golf Event - August 2009
1st annual event at Pirates Cove Miniature Golf Facilities in Duluth, Georgia.
• In celebration of the Dare to Dream foundation’s first year, we will introduce the organization to childen in the community with a fun filled day on the miniature golf course.
• Dare to Dream will award 100 Atlanta area girls ranging from ages of 5-12 with a day full of miniature golf, games, music, food and a brief discussion about dreaming big.

Pen to Paper Program - October 2009 (annual program)
The “Pen to Paper” writing program assists in developing the creative thought process and bringing expression through writing.
• Program geared towards young girls between the ages of 8-12 years old wanting to enhance their thought process.
• The “Pen to Paper” program will allow girls to form bonds with their peers both personally and professionally.
• This support will enable them to continue to grow and develop their newly acquired skills.

Bri and Tea Luncheon - March 2010
• Following the Pen to Paper program, students will be invited to the first “Bri with Tea” Fundraising Luncheon.
• One Pen to Paper program participant will be selected to present her original work at the Luncheon. Private auction/fundraising event.

Daddy/Daughter Sports Day - Summer 2011
The Daddy/Daughter Sports Day will be the largest annual sports festival of its kind geared towards young women.
• The Daddy/Daughter Day will include more than 20 interactive exhibits and attractions such as free autograph sessions, exhibits, seminars, television & radio broadcasts, clinics and live entertainment.


Summer Reading Library Program Initiative 2014: The Briana’s Neighborhood Dare to Dream Foundation supports active readers and encourages kids to read during the summer time. Reading creates inspiration, builds vocabulary, activates creativity and improves overall writing skills. Reading is a continual activity and we want kids to stay engaged! The Dare to Dream Foundation will partner with businesses and individuals who promote and support reading and creative writing.
Services Include:
• Books readings from the Briana’s Neighborhood storybook collection.
• Q & A discussion on the importance of reading, writing and dreaming big!
• Creative writing workshops.

Big Sister/ Little Sister Literacy Program: Create a mentor program with professional Women (sorority groups, churches, organizations or a corporate tie in) to help young women in the areas of literacy and their careers.
• The objective would be to select act risk kids in lower income schools to create a link between professional women of multi-cultural backgrounds.

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