Briana’s Neighborhood “Dare to Dream” Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit organization serving youth with multi-cultural backgrounds who “dare to dream” and achieve success. We provide positive workshops, and encourage awareness and professional development. We also serve as a resource for the African-American and Latino youth communities at large.
The “Dare to Dream” Foundation’s purpose is to provide literacy components which include: mechanisms and innovative programs, such as book readings, writing workshops, forums, and seminars that assist in the personal growth of minority youth. We also provide leadership opportunities that will focus on their growth and community involvement. In addition, Dare to Dream is organized exclusively to perform charitable, educational endeavors, green initiatives/awareness and to promote health/wellness in the communities.


For its first year in 2009, the foundation is based in Atlanta, GA. Founder, Sahar Simmons created a foundation based off of her book series, Briana’s Neighborhood. Her motto, “Dare to Dream” is about empowering youth to accomplish their goals and dream big! There are ultimately no limitations to personal success, only the vision to accomplish them. Simmons wants her books series and foundation to be a tool of encouragement to work hard and believe in yourself.